Jan 15 2020

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01. NWO - Elliptical Axiz
02. Karima F - Emma
03. Keplrr & Max Winter - SG34
04. Liam Doc - IHear (Any Jungle)

Or:la has released a charity compilation on her Céad label.

All proceeds from MMXX Leap, which features tracks by NWO, Karima F, Keplrr & Max Winter and Liam Doc, will be donated to the Country Fire Authority (CFA), a volunteer-based fire and emergency services organization in Victoria, Australia. Several Australian producers, including Mall Grab, DJ Plead and Lou Karsh, as well as Scottish artist Fear-E, have also released music on Bandcamp with all revenue going towards organizations helping fight the country's ongoing bushfire crisis.

Max Winter

Musician, producer and composer based in London.