Feb 12 2021

Through the Wall EP finds South London based group The Private View exploring the more melancholic side of their sound. The result is a brisk but contemplative combination of ethereal pop and melodic experimentation which eases and floats effortlessly through a soothing selection of songs. Neither sombre nor full of glee, the trio of tracks gently rests on the hypnagogic perch. Brief moments of unrest occur when the instrumentation begins to twist and fold into an unsettling sonic jolt. But as quick as the thunder and lightning appeared, they vanish as the soft warm rays pierce the dark clouds… Light spells of dubbed out feedback with a chance of free jazz and gentle breeze. Jumper advised.

‘Outro’ - Written and Produced by Tara Cunningham
‘Plane Song’ and ‘Through the Wall’ - Written by The Private View. Produced, recorded and mixed by Ciaran Corr.

Mastered by Rupert Clervaux

Guitar/Vocals - Tara Cunningham

Guitar/Vocals - Max Winter

Baritone Saxophone/Clarinet - Evan Abell

Double Bass/Violin - Hamish Nockles Moore

Drums - Jonathan Ward

Max Winter

Musician, producer and composer based in London.